There are several ways to troubleshoot DHCP issues. One could verify that DHCP scope is good, verify if the DHCP relay configuration is configured correctly, etc. Today, this blog post will cover a possible solution for DHCP issues that one might encounter. Though, this might be unlikely to happen in […]

DHCP Issues (CoPP Profile)

I was looking at Nexus 3064-T for one of the projects that I was involved in that required 10GBASE-T but while I was waiting for a demo unit I was tasked to play with the Quanta T3040-LY3. I’ve worked with them a little bit since some of our clients have them deployed and […]

How to configure Quanta T3040-LY3

Several months ago, sFlow became instrumental in figuring out the issue with HP switches that we inherited. Just to give you an idea of what the issue was, the HP switches would sporadically drop off the network but the user data traffic was still flowing. Good thing it was only […]

NetFlow-Lite on Catalyst 2960-X

Yes, it’s not the best practice to put both data and voice traffic in the same VLAN and subnet, but I’ve recently encountered it in production and caused us some head scratching scenario. While it was probably best to redesign the whole thing since it doesn’t follow best practices, it […]

Same Data and Voice VLAN

VLAN Trunking Protocol is a Cisco proprietary protocol that allows the switch to propagate VLANs. Some may argue that it is poorly named protocol since the name implies that it has to do something with trunking VLANs. Maybe the name should’ve been VLAN Propagation Protocol (VPP)? I may have taken […]

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)