In my previous post, I talked about enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for my public facing Linux host. In today’s post, I will talk about integrating Google Authenticator PAM to FreeRADIUS. As a result, any hosts that are pointed to my RADIUS server will have the 2FA functionality. Installing FreeRADIUS and […]

Adding Two-Factor Authentication to FreeRADIUS

In my old blog post, I talked about how to mitigate from persistent SSH brute force attack. While there are several options in mitigating SSH brute force attack, I opted to use the Fail2Ban option at the time. Today, I’ve decided to add another security layer to the host since […]

Securing SSH with Google Authenticator

I bought three of the TL-SG2008 the same day I bought my EdgeRouter Lite. I’ve always wanted some form of managed switch at home to satisfy my wants and to segregate my lab environment. In my old setup, I had three unmanaged switches and all-in-one router (with switch and access point built-in). While they worked fine, […]

My Semi-Managed Switch – TL-SG2008

Configuration Utility
I talked about my F5 BIG-IP LTM VE home lab in this post, but I didn’t do a walkthrough on how to configure it after deployment. In this post, you will learn the initial configuration of the BIG-IP LTM virtual appliance. The BIG-IP LTM VE version that I am using […]

F5 BIG-IP LTM VE Initial Configuration

NetFlow CPU spikes
This is part two of the “How to configure EdgeRouter Lite via CLI” blog post. If you haven’t read the part one, you might want to read that first. In part one, I covered what I think are the essential configurations to get a user going in a typical home environment setup. […]

How to configure EdgeRouter Lite via CLI – Part 2

EdgeOS Traffic Analysis
In my previous blog post, I talked about the basics of EdgeOS CLI. If you are new to EdgeOS CLI, then I recommend that you to head over there to learn the basics. This is a two-part series on how to configure EdgeRouter Lite in a home environment using the […]

How to configure EdgeRouter Lite via CLI – Part 1

EdgeOS CLI access via Web UI
I talked about EdgeRouter Lite in my previous blog here but I did not talk about the Web UI or CLI at all. In this blog post, I will share the basic use of the EdgeOS command line interface (CLI). The Network Operating System (NOS) used by Ubiquiti on their EdgeRouter series is called EdgeOS – a […]

Ubiquiti’s EdgeOS CLI Introduction

EdgeRouter Lite
TL;DR: Looking for a home router with some SMB/Enterprise features and not afraid of using CLI? Buy the EdgeRouter Lite. A few months ago, I bought the EdgeRouter Lite. Before buying the router, I was running Palo Alto Networks PA-200 for a few months to play with it but I was not […]

My Home Router – EdgeRouter Lite

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There are several ways to troubleshoot DHCP issues. One could verify that DHCP scope is good, verify if the DHCP relay configuration is configured correctly, etc. Today, this blog post will cover a possible solution for DHCP issues that one might encounter. Though, this might be unlikely to happen in […]

DHCP Issues (CoPP Profile)